Radically Traditional Farming, as God intended. 

My Story

The Homegrown Homestead is small farm on 1.8 acres in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We offer seasonal produce, raw honey, handmade herbal products, raw goats milk herdshares (coming soon!), and animal sales. We specialize in Kunekune Pigs and Nigerian Dwarf goats. On our farm we rotationally graze our goats on unsprayed pasture. We supplement their diet with no-spray hay, fresh herbs, tree trimmings and produce. We do feed non-gmo alfalfa pellets or a homemade non-gmo grain mix at milking time to treat our girls. Our Kunekune are rotated on pasture and moved 2x a day. We supplement their diet with no-spray hay, fruit and veggies. We also have a pig compost area set up and they create all the compost we need for a year. Our chickens are pastured through 3 seasons and during winter they hang out in their large coop with a run. Our rabbits roam in a tractor for most of the year eating fresh clover and we supplement their diet with non-gmo alfalfa pellets and homegrown comfrey. We use locally milled, non-gmo grain from Sunrise Farm in Stuarts Draft to feed our pigs, chickens, and goats. We choose to only use grain for our goats if they are underweight, need more supplemental calories such as lactation or pregnancy, or to increase weight as bit before conception. We choose to use NO conventional wormers. We monitor their Famacha color, then if necessary we use Molly's Herbals and copper bolus. We offer free choice Icelandic Kelp, Sulfur, and Baking Soda.