Honey in your Kombucha…WHAT!!!

Today I am revamping our normal kombucha routine which looks like the following…

Black organic tea bags

Raw cane sugar

While that isn’t all bad it isn’t all good either. Black tea depending on its origin could possibly have more toxins than benefits. Our tea was ordered from Vitacost and it was organic but I knew I could do better. Plus, I’ve NEVER been one to follow rules…The search lead me to white tea.

A young green tea leaf full of antioxidants and less potential to absorb toxins from the environment. The last 2 batches made with white tea have turned out great.

Classic Kombucha

– 8 organic black tea bags

– 2 cups of raw cane sugar

-1 gallon (16 cups) of filtered water

Bring water to boil and place tea bags in water. Let them step while the tea cools to room temperature.

DO NOT pour HOT tea into your live kombucha scoby!!!! You will kill it!

At room temperature mix in 1 cup of raw cane sugar until dissolved. Test temperatures again to make sure it’s not too warm. Pour into jar with reserved kombucha liquid should be around 2 cups and scoby. Mix with wooden utensil to merry the two together.

Cover with cloth, coffee filter, cheesecloth to allow air in and keep unwanted guests (dust, bugs) out!

In at least 7 days check your kombucha. This is the minimum amount of time to allow it to ferment unless its surrounding is extremely warm. Warmer temperatures can speed up the fermentation process. Taste at 7 days and if you like it at that point you can drink it or do a second ferment. If it’s too sweet taste each day after until your liking. After all that’s the whole reason we are making it at home to make it how we like it with the best ingredients our budget allows!

Honey & White Tea Kombucha

– 8 Organic White Tea bags

– 1 1/2 cups Raw Honey

– 1 gallon (16 cups) filtered water

Follow the same procedure as above.

If you are transitioning your scoby like I have allow more time for the first couple of batches to reach your liking. It may take the bacteria some time to mingle!

The flavor of this white tea and honey booch will have a weaker tea flavor and a different flavor since we arent using cane sugar.

Check out the differences in the first picture (black tea and cane sugar scoby) compared to this scoby (white tea and raw honey)

Our continuous brew setup

Second Ferment

Once you have brewed the kombucha to your liking, minimum of 7 days. Remove the amount you want to drink by pouring into separate jar, vessels or containers of your choice. Add 1/4 cup of fresh or frozen fruit, veggies or herbs. You may also use fruit juice however I would use a smaller amount to start with such as 2 tablespoons and increase if you desire. Fruit juice is more concentrated and has more available sugar resulting in a sweeter finished drink and possibly more sugar.

Once you’ve added your flavors, cap with a SOLID Mason jar lid or plastic screw on top. You do not want to use a cloth or breathable top like when fermenting your mother batches of booch. Let sit for 24 hours and taste if you like it strain fruit and enjoy. Refrigerate and enjoy within a week.

You may eat the fruit you strained or give your chickens a treat



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