Quick and Easy Instant Pot Goat’s Milk Cheese

Instead of ranting about my day I’ll get straight to the recipe right folks?! That’s why you came and if you’re like me time is limited.

So first get you a dairy goat or a friend with a goat!! In our case, we have a sweet friend.

You can use a half to one gallon of milk and pour into instant pot.

Turn your instant pot on, hit the yogurt setting until it says boil. Allow it to do what it does.

Once it has finished, turn it off. Then add in 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Whisk and then allow to sit for at least 15 minutes.

After you’ve allowed it to sit and cool slightly. Line a colander with a flour stack towel over a large bowl. You will now pour the entire stainless steel pot into the strainer. Your whey will get strained out and you’ll be left with the good stuff. Ball up your cheese and squeeze as much liquid out to your desired moisture level. If you like a drier cheese like feta you’ll want to squeeze more liquid out. If you like it more moist like a goats cheese log leave more in.

Lastly, plop the the cheese into a glass storage container. Season to your liking but I promise you will want salt. We used sea salt, thyme, parsley. and garlic.

This is the best and easiest homemade cheese EVER!

Thanks to my friend for sharing this quick beginners recipe with me ❤

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