Welcome to our Homestead my sweet Wylden Wayne

One of the most amazing days of my life happened not long ago. It’s hard for me to understand how this truly changed my feelings about myself and how it changed my family. April 26, 2020 began like any other day. I woke up 40.2 days pregnant with our third child. Began my day with a bathroom visit then decided to rest in bed a few more minutes since everyone was still sleeping. As I lifted my leg to crawl back in bed my water broke. Down my right leg and then my left and I hurried to the bathroom. I didn’t say anything yet just to confirm my water had truly broken and it had. So, I walked back to the bedroom and told my husband “I told you not to tell your dad we would be there for dinner!”. He said “Why?” My water just broke… He said “Seriously?” So then I sat on the bed thinking of what just happened and that we would become parents again hopefully soon. I then text a few friends, my mom, midwife and nurse that today would be the day the first text at 6:43am, a few minutes after my water broke. I hopped in the shower but still felt pretty good. Got out and threw a few curls in my hair, brushed my teeth, and did my makeup anticipating a long day. During that time I had about 7 contractions starting at 7:29, 7:39, 7:44, 7:50, 7:55, 8, and 8:10. I laid down in bed and called my nurse at 8:02 am, she said she was waiting for the midwife and then they would be over. My midwife lived in DC and had about a 2 hour commute which is normally plenty of time especially since my last birth was 13.5 hours long from the time my water broke. I sent her my contraction timing at 8:14 am after we got off the phone just so she would have it for reference. During my past labors I have always felt the urge to constantly pee so I got out of bed to go and at that time I had some bloody show which I’ve never had with any of my previous births. I thought well I’m not sure what that means but I certainly don’t feel like googling that right now, lol. Went to lay back in bed and had a really strong contraction that time. My husband walks to the bedroom door and is saying something to me, I hear none of it and then says “Are they that bad already?” The nurse needs to get here now in his nervous yelling voice. I said I’m fine babe as I struggle though the contraction. Literally thinking to myself I hope they aren’t all that strong because if so I’m weak. I’m not sure how many minutes passed between that contraction and the next. I just laid there hoping for the strength to make it through this labor and decided that with the next contraction I’ll get in the tub to soak. Well when the next contraction came my body began to do what it was intended to do and I could not prevent what was happening. I felt the immediate pressure and my body expanding for this baby to come out now. My husband was in the kitchen filtering goats milk and he heard my moans and said to himself.. I know that sound and that’s not good. He runs back to our bedroom to find me in full fledge labor grabbing onto our bed frame muttering and moaning in the intense pressure and waves my body was experiencing. I said please sit me up or something, I feel like I need to sit up. At that moment he said my hands aren’t even clean while wiping them on his pants. So kind of laying on my left side, right leg up my body prepared to birth a baby. I had another contraction and I felt his head come I put my hands there and I felt my baby emerging. Then, his head went back in for a second. I don’t remember the time between contractions at this point I don’t think I made eye contact with anyone because it was all too intense to do anything but feel my way through it. Another contraction, and his head emerged fully this time. I asked my husband if the cord was around his neck and he said yes from what he felt. I said it’s okay he’s coming out. Another contraction and my body pushed our baby boy out… daddy assisted bringing his only son into this world and I grabbed him and brought him to my chest. I literally laid there in ecstasy reliving what we just did. I remember saying we just had the baby as I looked at my husband. He was shaking and in disbelief of what just happened. He called the nurse who was literally turning on our road and said the baby is here. She was in disbelief and couldn’t believe it happened so fast. I’m laying there with my sweet baby boy who cried as soon as he arrived at 8:32am. My oldest has never seen a birth nor has she seen me in the state I was in. My youngest was around the entire time. She never said a word just took everything she saw in. She saw her brother and that mommy was okay and wanted to go watch “Mountain Men” and my oldest grabbed her camera and began taking pictures right after birth. She caught some of the raw moments when I was in birth ecstacy.

It was magical! When the nurse arrived she began checking the baby over and helped me deliver my placenta. We remained connected by placenta for over an hour. Then, gravity allowed it to release from my body but even then he stayed connected to the placenta for another hour or two. When we decided to fully disconnect him from the placenta we chose to burn the cord.

My husband built a cord burning box months ago and the kids painted it. This will be a keepsake of his and we will pass it onto the kids if they shall choose to use it for their kids. My oldest and my husband both held a candle and they slowly burned through the cord. This process safely cauterized the cord and pushed any remaining fluids and blood into the baby. Since then I have been in bliss and the reality of what happened still hasn’t set in. Sunday, I truly became the freest form of myself. I free birthed despite the reality of the world today. Despite the interventions I was told I would need after my last pregnancy. Without pharmaceuticals. Despite having conventional prenatal care. Despite having no medical intervention. This is our birth story…❤

I wanted my son to know how he came into this world. I want him to know the love his parents shared (I’m crying at the way he’s smiling at me in this picture). I never want to forget any detail and I pray that I never do. We took this birth into our own hands and I can’t say it was anything less than magical


Much love,


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